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Tavis Smiley has to pay PBS for the sexual harassment that he committed
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 31, 2020

Tavis Smiley thought it would be a bright idea to sue his show’s distributor, Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), after the company ended its contract with Tavis Smiley and his media company, TS Media, following an investigation that revealed that Tavis Smiley committed sexual harassment against several women.

PBS countersued Tavis Smiley in order to get back the money the company lost when it was forced to cancel his show early, back in December 2017, because of his improper behavior on PBS’ premises.

Federal judge Yvonne Williams and the federal jury agreed with PBS and therefore decided that Tavis Smiley needs to pay the company $2.6 million for the sexual harassment that he committed on PBS’ property.

According to Honorable Judge Williams and the jury, Tavis Smiley was in the wrong because he used his position as the host of the Tavis Smiley show in order to get his staff and some guests to “lay” with him.

Tavis Smiley didn’t deny it. Back in December 2017, Tavis Smiley had this to say to the folks on “Good Morning America” (GMA), “I’ve never sent lewd messages to anyone.” Wait for it! Wait for it!...“In a consensual relationship, we use text messages to communicate in a consensual relationship.” Yup, that right there.

Needless to say, “that right there” did nothing but add more credence to PBS’ claim that Tavis Smiley knowingly and willfully engaged in “lewd” acts that he knew could damage the PBS brand. It also didn’t help Tavis Smiley that the women testified about his “lewd” acts.

    “I’m tired of you telling me no. I’m tired of you rejecting me. I’m
     going to show you what happens to people when they reject me,”
     is what a woman told the judge and the jury that Tavis Smiley
     screamed at her when she told him he couldn’t have any of her

    “I felt like my job was in jeopardy and that if I didn’t do what he
     wanted sexually, I would lose my job,” is what
     another woman told the judge and the jury that Tavis Smiley
     fixed his lips to say to her if she didn’t give him “whatever he

The sadness in all of this is that Tavis Smiley wasted his money by helping a group of lawyers to get a yacht and a summer home with this frivolous lawsuit that a five-year-old could’ve told him that he was going to lose.

PBS did nothing wrong. The PBS folks gave this fella a lifeline after BET fired him. Now, us normal folks would’ve looked at that second chance as an act of God and used it wisely. But Tavis, unh-unh. Tavis decided he’d keep doing wrong until it cost him a whopping $2.6 million.

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