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Joe Biden        

South Carolina gives former Veep
Joe Biden his first win
bby Nathan'ette Burdine: February 29, 2020

Former Vice President Joe Biden finally did it. He got his first win. Seven seconds before the results came in, CNN called the Palmetto State for the former Veep. “CNN projects that Joe Biden is the winner in South Carolina,” is what Wolf Blizter told everybody.

With 86% of the results now in, Biden is blazing through with 48.5% of the vote. Bernie Sanders is trucking along with 19%.9, while Steyer realized that he better go ahead and drop out of the race because his 11.4% isn’t enough to get a spark in his stalled campaign.

As for the rest of the competitors on the field, well, they’re living on a prayer. Pete Buttigieg (8.1%), Elizabeth Warren (7.0%), Amy Klobuchar (3.2%), and Tulsi Gabbard (1.3%) have all decided that FORWARD is where they are going.

Buttigieg is using his win in Iowa to keep hope alive. Warren sees her home state Massachusetts as her lucky charm, while Klobuchar believes Minnesota will give her the boost that she needs.

I don’t know what’s going on with Tulsi Gabbard. I’m still trying to figure out who were those 1.3% of folks who looked at her and said, “She’ll be a good president.” Because, yeah, well, y’all know. Tulsi Gabbard’s dissing of an elder member of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, and Tulsi Gabbard’s support of Donald Trump does not make her palatable to the Democratic base. And without that base, all she has is trouble.

Speaking of base, Joe Biden threw shade at Bernie Sanders and Michael Bloomberg by reminding everybody that the senator from Vermont and the former mayor of New York are Independents running in the Democratic Presidential Primary.

“If the Democrats want a nominee who’s a Democrat, a lifelong Democrat, a proud Democrat, an Obama-Biden Democrat, join us!” is what Biden told his enthusiastic supporters who were just “happy, happy, happy” about their main man’s win.

Sanders, though, wasn’t salty. He congratulated Biden on his first win. And hey, why wouldn’t he?! Sanders is set to pick up a lot of steam on Super Tuesday.

As it stands, he’s set to get the biggest haul with wins in California and Texas. The polls have Sanders with a grand canyon like lead in California and a nine percentage point lead over Biden in Texas. And so far, the polls have been right about who will win.

So yeah, that big haul from California and Texas that the polls say Sanders is set to get is why Sanders isn’t feeling down about his current loss in South Carolina to the former Veep.

Off to Super Tuesday, we go!


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