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Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III told Donald John Trump Sr., that he's the real why reason why he's still the president
bby Nathan'ette Burdine: May 25, 2020

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III let everybody on the Twitter know that he’s the real reason why Donald John Trump Sr., is still in the White House and not the “Big House.”

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III has had enough of Donald John Trump Sr., telling everybody on the Twitter that he’s a Mr. Magoo who let the Russian Investigation go through.

He’s right. The Democrats and a good number of Republicans would’ve taken a decision by Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III to remain on the case as evidence of nothing but wrong going on. It would’ve been Richard Nixon 2020 edition with Donald John Trump Sr., in Richard Nixon’s role and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III in former Attorney General John N. Mitchell’s (JNM) role.

The one thing Jeff Sessions wasn’t about to do is let anybody JNM him. Jeff Sessions is an old man who doesn’t have time to be spending in the prison infirmary, debating with the nurse about the color of the Jell-O. Jeff Sessions got things to do, like trying to get back his old Senate job. He ain’t got time to be hanging out with elderly criminals in the prison.

Jeff Sessions got to get back to the Senate where he can help bring about laws with penalties so stiff that they help to increase the prison’s elderly population.

Jeff Sessions’ would have less headaches if Donald Trump wasn’t sticking his nose in his senate race business. Donald Trump hasn’t been shy about the fact that because he sees Jeff Sessions as the Mr. Magoo who let the Russian Investigation go through is the reason why he, Donald Trump, is supporting Tommy Tuberville over Jeff Sessions.

Tommy Tuberville is the former head coach of Auburn University football team, and an elderly man who believes stricter laws need to be put in place in order to keep the “undesirables” in their place.
So yeah, the only difference between Jeff Sessions and Tommy Tuberville is that Donald Trump is supporting the latter.

The good news for Jeff Sessions is that the one person, alleged pedophile Roy Moore, who Donald Trump supported, during the senate race in Alabama, ended up losing to a Democrat, Doug Jones. Uh-huh, Donald Trump’s support doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in the senate race in Alabama.

Don’t get me wrong, now. I’m not overlooking a recent poll showing Tommy Tuberville beating Jeff Session like an old rug. I just know that the March 3 primary results, showing Tommy Tuberville with 33% of the vote to Jeff Sessions’ 32%, is a better indicator of just how close this race is and how close it will be during the July 14 run-off.

I also know that like Tommy Tuberville, things were looking up for Roy Moore. That whole pedophile thing, though, was too much for Alabamians to bear. So, they went with the Democrat, Doug Jones, instead. Although no one has come out to say that Tommy Tuberville is the political R. Kelly, Tommy Tuberville is going up against a man who held that senate seat for over 20 years.

As y’all know about folks, they tend to stick with who they know. Jeff Sessions is somebody that the folks, down there in Alabama, know; which is why a person could argue that the folks over at the Cook Political Report have that seat leaning Republican.

Therefore, it wouldn’t surprise me, one bit, if Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III ended up back in his old job where he ends up casting a vote on whether Donald John Trump Sr., should go to a place where his nurse picks the color of his Jello-O.

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