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Folks tell Jim Belushi which state has the worst drivers
by Nathan'ette Burdine: August 1, 2020

Jim Belushi asked a very important question that everybody must know before they take to the open road:

Some folks said New Jersey. Some folks said Pennsylvania. Some folks said California…a lot of folks said Florida. They weren’t too far off.

According to smart asset, Florida is rank number 4, with California not far behind at number 5, for the top 10 states with the worst drivers.

Now, I know there are those of you who are thinking that Pennsylvania and New Jersey are somewhere either above or below Florida and California on the list of the 10 worst drivers. But, unh-unh. Pennsylvania and New Jersey, with a ranking of 33 and 36, fared better than Florida and California.

The reason that Pennsylvania and New Jersey fared better than Florida and California is the methodology that smart asset used to determine which states open roads folks should avoid.

Smart Asset used four factors which were the percentage of insured drivers in a state, drunk driving arrest for every 1000 drivers, number of deaths for every 100 million vehicle miles driven, and the number of times folks Google searched “traffic ticket,” “speeding tickets,” versus anything to do with “gasoline.”

Florida ranked number 1 for the state with the lowest percentage of folks, 73.3%, driving around with car insurance. The state came in at number 10 for the state with the number of Google searches for traffic tickets, and it came in at number 11 for the state with the highest rate of fatalities.

As for California, it ranks number 12 for DUIs, number 11 for the lowest percentage of folks who are insured, and number 10 for Google searches for “speeding tickets,” or “traffic tickets” compared to searches about anything dealing with gasoline.

All of that, plus other factors, got Florida and California the number 4 and number 5 spots for the states with the worst drivers. And just in case y’all are wondering, the state with the worst drivers is none other than the Magnolia State itself, Mississippi; which comes in at number 2 for the state with the lowest number of folks insured and is rank number two for the state with the highest rate of fatalities.

Smart asset’s methodology is good for determining which states folks shouldn’t drive in. However, I prefer the common folks’ methodology, like those responding to Jim Belushi’s question on Twitter, because they just get right to the point:

Simple, isn’t it? Folks can wrap their mind around that because all that does is describe crazy folks.

Crazy folks do crazy things like drive around you whenever you stop at a red light. Crazy folks see crosswalks as finish lines for them to race across, and they see sidewalks as a part of the road to use so they can pass slow drivers on a two-way street.

Therefore when common folks say that Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and California have the worst drivers, we believe them. And we believe them because we know these are the states where a lot of the crazy folks are.

California, Florida, and Pennsylvania are in the top ten for the most populated states, which means they have more crazy people. New Jersey is in the top 20 for the most populated states, but you get the point.

The states with the most people are going to have the most crazies. Y’all know the type. Y’all do. They’re the type of crazies who wake up in the morning and say, “I don’t have time for these muthafuckas driving today!” The road is theirs, not yourn. And if you don’t get out of their way, they’ll move you out of their way.

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